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I have IPv6 enabled on my server. When I test my website on ssllabs.com, it returns the score for IPv4. But for IPv6, it returns the following error message: "Receiving Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server." I am running the Nginx server. How can I fix this error?

Also, when I ping my server for IPv6, it does not give any error or packet loss.

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It seems that you have not added the "listen" statement for IPv6 in the nginx.conf file of your domain. Without adding IPv6 to the nginx.conf file, you cannot make the Nginx server listen to an IPv6 address on the server.
Edit your nginx.conf file for the domain and add the highlighted statement inside the "server" statement.


server {
    listen      IPv4:443 ssl http2;
    listen      [IPv6]:443 ssl http2;
    server_name yourwebsite.com;

Replace IPv6 with the IPv6 address of your server. DO NOT remove [].

If you multiple IPv6 on your server, you need to add the following line, i.e., do not specify any IPv6 address:

listen [::]:443 ssl 

 Restart the Nginx server, and now the SSLlab test will not give any error.